Mollie Stone's Markets - Maintenance                                                             Santa Rita Jail -Interior Accessibility Upgrades   

Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital - Diabetes & Endocrine Center                   American High School - Modernization   

Foothill High School - Hooper Hall & Quad Project                                            Pajaro Valley High School - Site Improvements  

Christopher Ranch industrial - Compressed Air Project                                  Marina High School - Furnace Upgrades 

Lunardi's Markets - Maintenance                                                                      Dartmouth Middle School - Alterations to Classroom 

Silver Creek High School - Building Modernization Project                             Central Coast High School - HVAC Upgrade

Gavilan College - Gymnasium Project                                                                Sobrato High School - Locker Room Re-Plumbing  

Foothill Community Health Center                                                                      Britton Middle School - New Science Lab Building

Independence High School - Building J Modernization                                    Central Bay High School - Modular Building

James Lick High School - Student Center Quad                                                Harvest Park Middle School - Library Fire Damaged Reno.

Oster Elementary - Modernization Bldg. A & Port G                                           Roosevelt Elementary School - Modernization

Acorn Hills Property Management - Maintenance                                            Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School - Modernization

Santa Cruz Corporation Yard - Seismic Upgrades                                              H&M Property Management - Maintenance 

Modern Management Inc. - Maintenance

Compassion Center - Tenant Improvements

Christopher Ranch - Roaster Upgrade

Valencia Elementary School - Restroom Renovation 

Brooktree Elementary School - MOD & FIS 

Creekside Middle School - Mat Room Repair

Wunderlich Park - Carriage Room Improvements

Hollister Homeless Services Ctr - Phase II

LeyVa Middle School - HVAC & Roof Project